About Us:- Ultrawin
ULTRAWIN, A private limited company is registered of Government of India, under Companies Act 1956.
ULTRAWIN was started business august 2013, in India in MLM system.
ULTRAWIN’S – plan is as per Rajasthan govt MLM business guideline.
ULTRAWIN started the business with main motive is to “ pure nature , healthy life ”
ULTRAWIN has entered in business of agriculture bio-products for promoting organic farming. Later veterinary products for health of animal & increasing the milk in animals.
ULTRAWIN - has tested its products on various crops and on different types of soil throughout the country, with excellent results.
ULTRAWIN - is committed to the farming community. For giving the training of organic farming and resolve the farmer problems.
ULTRAWIN - is carrying out extension activities in the field of agriculture by reaching close to the farmers along with quality and experienced technocrats' giving to provide technical knowledge in agriculture.
ULTRAWIN’S objective is to obtain qualitative and quantitative yield by the user of its agri-inputs.
ULTRAWIN - has introduced organic products for organic farming which are not injurious to the health of farmers, animals and friendly insects.
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